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Dr. Judith Wilcox
I’m Dr. Judith Wilcox. Thank you for welcoming me into your journey.

I am committed to helping you explore your own possibilities for growth and expansion as you pursue your life goals. Whether you are seeking personal counseling, psychotherapy, spiritual advisement, energetic healing, training, or information about my courses, workshops, consulting or other offerings, I provide:
  • Compassionate support.
  • A holistic perspective that integrates mind, emotions, body and spirit.
  • More than 39 years’ worth of wisdom, expertise and experience in human development—applied to your specific needs, issues and goals.
  • A warm, safe environment for your self-exploration, healing and growth.
  • A recognition and belief in your innate inner power — which guides both of us in discovering exactly what you need to realize your own health, well-being, happiness and full potential.
  • Concrete, focused techniques and approaches to help you discover and take your next steps toward relieving pain, negative thinking, difficult emotions, inner conflicts and suffering.

The intention that has led you here today demonstrates how very important your ongoing search for wisdom, support, guidance, healing and safety on your inner journey is to you.

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Counseling Services
Counseling Services Discover and empower your full potential, recover from grief, trauma, internal and relational conflict, manage stress and pain, connect with
your own true Self through humanistic and transpersonal counseling.

Meditation Workshops and CDs
Meditation Workshops and CDs Manage life stress, develop mental focus, peace of mind and spiritual awareness through meditation on your own Inner Self.

Book: Fire of Love, Descent of Grace
Fire of Love, Descent of Grace Explore and understand the experience of spiritual awakening and the time honored practices that support the inner journey to Self Realization across spiritual paths.

Yuen Method Services
Yuen Method Services Experience transformational energetic healing through the Yuen Method for:
  • Eliminating physical and emotional pain and suffering.
  • Empowering your life goals and prosperity.
  • Instantly relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Restoring physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual balance.
Yuen Method Courses
Yuen Method Courses Attend Yuen Method training and lecture demonstrations that will empower you to:
  • Heal yourself and others of physical and emotional challenges.
  • Reach your life goals.
  • Restore and balance your body, mind and spirit for healing, prosperity and inner peace.
Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course
Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course Enhance skills in manifesting your cherished life goals through Create It teleseminar courses and workshops.
  • Discover secrets of success in collaborating with the Law of Attraction.
  • Align yourself, your life goals and actions with your core life intentions.
  • Create and live the life that brings you the greatest happiness, fulfillment, abundance and peace of mind.
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